Charm Hair Serum



Charm Hair Serum

จุดเด่น : สามารถใช้ได้ทั้งผมเปียกและแห้งโอยไม่ต้องล้างออก
สรรพคุณ : ลดปัญหาผมร่วง ผมล้าน ผมบาง ลดการแตกปลาย เร่งยาว แข็งแรงเงางาม
วิธีใช้ : ใช้ทาบำรุงบริเวณหนังศีรษะ และเส้นผม 

Key Ingredients: 
     1. PhytoCelltecTM  Malus Domestica/ Apple Stem Cell Extract Bothe derived from the cosmetic innovation. We extract the stem cells of rear breed apples discovered barely (Swiss Apple), originate from the Switzerland contained in Liposome so that it can be absorbed into the skin layer finely. The extract nourishes, rejuvenates your skin and keep your skin lives longer. Stimulates the function of cells, protects the skin cells from pollution, regenerates powerfully the cells of skin that are emerging with strength and flexibility. Also helps reduce hair fall.
     2. AnagainTM (The extraction of pea sprout) The medical cosmetic innovation is to get AnagainTM  extracted from pea sprout. This can reactivate hair growth from dermal popular cell which is an important part of hair growth to help balance the hair cycle. Stimulate the hair growth at the roots. Expand and refresh hair life cycle to  lessen hair loss and fall. Also regenerate new strong hair. The product is suitable for both men and women. In Switzerland, According to the Research showed that 95% of users sees the strength of their hair visibly and decreases the hair loss and fall effectively. 85% of those feels that their new hair is stronger. 95% of those found that the new hair grows decreasingly. 80% of those feels that it can reduce the possibility of bald head and 70% of those finds that their is strong and healthy.
     3. Takanol Researchers found that it can help stimulate and germinate the growth of hair and eyebrows, protect them from falling and provide them with thick black hair/ eyebrows naturally.
     4. Basil Extract Anti hair loss, germinate hair to your scalp, stimulate Hair Papilla Cell  and revive the scalp. The Basil extract is an extract from basil tissue of its roots that can lessen excellently hair loss by inhibiting  5  reductase. Also stimulate the proliferation of Dermal Papilla Cells. It is known that basil has high essential oil and it is a powerful antioxidant. It helps anti-aging, anti cancer, anti-viruses and anti-microbes.
     5. Comfrey Extract Allantoin is extracted from Comfrey Extract which helps reduce irritation, heals the wound faster and accelerate cell generation. Allantoin functions the same way as to get osmotic urea, sugar or honey to help speed up wound healing; make the skin wound not inflamed, dilute and eliminate bacteria or the its waste, reduce swelling, restrain skin pigments effect. moisture to skin even sensitive skin.

ปริมาณ : 30 ml
เลขที่จดแจ้ง : 10-1-6100037887

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